Artist Statement

     My paintings are about geometric shapes their beauty, perfection, and hidden meaning. This body of work underscores geometric concepts and hidden meanings. Communicating an Illusory Sense of Space, the abstract imagery embodies timelessness and weightlessness in representations that demystify imagination. The imagery I create is visionary in the hard-edged geometric abstract genre. The scenes are otherworldly beyond the mind’s eye. In the paintings, the illusion is a surreal space with shapes and constructs that resonate in human culture and are universal. The visual texture of subtle paint marks that vanish into the distant space. The transparent layers enhance the ethereal illusion. The glossily finish quality and vivid colors invite viewers to engage the paintings. 
      Om (Disambiguation) is a meditation chant to recall the soul. Disambiguation-all is clear there is no ambiguity. It is a radial design in a bullseye effect that suggests a finite trajectory. Created in acrylic paint in a complementary color scheme of cool tones and warm hues. The spherical shapes appear three-dimensional from the emanating light. Each sphere represents one mind, oneness, wholeness, and unity. The curvilinear shape is the umbilical of life.
All That Once Was, created in acrylic paint and glazing of different blues and subdued orange colors, and spattered paint for visual texture.  The Dyad or the Vesica Piscis inspire it. The Vesica Piscis is a signifier of the marriage of opposites in a ring form. The arcane floating wall, stepping stones, and other objects are remnants of former physical space. In this painting, the structures defy the weight of gravity and time. The suspended cubes represent the building blocks of the structure. The ring represents a portal to an abyss of an unknown journey.


Om (Disambiguation) is an acrylic painting on cradled hardwood panel, the dimesions twenty-four inches in height by twenty inches in width.

Om (Disambiguation)

All That Once Was is an acrylic painting on cradled hardwood panel. The dimensions are twenty inches in height by twenty-four inches in width.

All That Once Was

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